Aleman shepherd's breeding and other breed dogs in Madrid

Zoological core authorized by the C.A.M. with the number 953


Villalazán Canine Center

At the Villalazán Canine Center we are true specialists in the breeding of GERMAN PASTOR DOGS. We have the best litters of "German Shepherds" from recognized and award-winning genetic lines nationally and internationally. Being for years one of the main suppliers of dogs from the different security forces of the state. Dogs of other breeds are also born and raised in our hatchery.

Our purpose is to maintain the best breeding conditions for our puppies, as well as those of our stallions and those of our breeding females, in order to ensure the maintenance and improvement of the breed. Therefore, in our German shepherd's shepherd’s and other breed dogs in Madrid, we take care of the selection, we process a huge affection and an absolute dedication,... and we are absolutely careful with all the elements that involve the development of your health, vitality and character.

We have been guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism and responsibility in the breeding, care and maintenance of the dog for more than 30 years. We offer sale of puppies legally with all the documentation and sanitary conditions currently regulated and regulated.

Mr. Ignacio Blat, director of Villalazán Canine Center has been a judge and teacher confirming realCEPPA for years.

In addition in Villalazán Canine Center we have canine residence for the status of all kinds of dogs, with luxury facilities, ideal for comfort the enjoyment and health of your dog. We take care and care about everything to ensure the well-being of our guests, including maintaining any veterinary treatment or follow-up if necessary.

We also offer training service, competition preparation and canine hairdressing service.

Healthy and
balanced eating

Natural stays with
luxury conditioning

Responsible and
expert training

veterinary control

We are a german shepherd's breeding and dogs of other races in Madrid, where you will find:

German shepherd's puppies.
German shepherds for exhibitions.
Trained dogs.
Police dogs.
Canina residence (with pick-up and drop-off service from monday to friday).
Training and preparation for competition and exposures.
Canine hairdressing.

Without exploitation of our stallions, respecting their natural development, their physical condition and their health.