German purebred shepherds in Madrid


Villalazán Canine Center is a member of Real CEPPA (Royal Spanish Club of German Shepherd Dog). Association of dog breeders GERMAN PASTOR, officially recognized by the Spanish state, and member of WUSV (World Union of Dog Clubs GERMAN PASTOR).

Our canine center is located in the middle of nature and has the best conditions, both for our stallions and for mothers, to whom we provide all the necessary health protection, feed in a balanced and adequate way and care for and pamper at all times.
We guarantee that the parents of all our puppies have been previously controlled with dysplasia x-ray, therefore they have the corresponding pedigree seal.

Our puppies comply with the stipulated breed prototype. Of course, they follow strict health control on a permanent basis until they are ceded to the new owners. We have only sporadic litters, as we do not exploit our stallions. Reinvesting much of our economic benefits in maintaining the best conditions of our dogs and our facilities.

If you want to buy one of our purebred german shepherd dogs in Madrid, or book some puppies from our next litters, you can contact us and we will respond to your request. Following a strict order of demand. Tel.: 918138287607 527 981. Mail:

Here are some of our german purebred shepherds in Madrid

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