German shepherd training in Madrid,
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It will be difficult to find a dog more versatile than the GERMAN PASTOR, dog that we usually find in tasks with the police, in customs, as a lifeguard, as a locator of people, as a guide for blind people, etc.

A GERMAN SHEPHERD, is a loyal and intelligent dog, with great adaptability and work, that if we get him to socialize well, will be a loving and excellent pet, being able to become another member of the family. If their education is adequate, they are balanced, attentive, docile and intelligent, while very confident, making them a magnificent and ideal companion.

To cover your high need for exercise and your continued desire for learning, permanent stimulation of both physical and mental is advisable.

If you have problems with behavior, socialization or just want your dog to maintain a noble character and make him happier. Trust our experience and professionalism.


Mr. Ignacio Blat, director of Villalazán Canine Center has been a judge and teacher confirming real CEPPA for years.

Exposure training

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An exhibition, a dog must be prepared in the best physical, nutritional, health, hygiene and aesthetic conditions, character, sociability and training. These conditions should be taken great care of from the birth of the puppy, although a few months before special attention should be paid in addition to the specific training of poses, sociability, attention and other aspects, in:
- A diet that improves the muscle mass and fur of the dog.
- Vitamin contributions that reinforce the above aspects.
- Control of intestinal parasites and external parasites.
- Hygiene measures, including dentures.

Training for individuals

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Starting at two months of age, a German shepherd's puppy is ready to begin his education and formal training. You can enroll him in one of our basic obedience classes, behavioral corrections or higher level training classes, which may include guard and defense instruction if you ask us to.

In Villalazán Canine Center, we offer a very high quality service for the training of German shepherd in Madrid and dogs of other breeds. Wehave trained with qualified and trained instructors at the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) and the Royal Spanish German Shepherd Dog Club (CEPPA).

Competition training

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We also offer sports training with official tests and IPO - OCI regulations. The trainings take place in our field of work, recognized by the Royal Spanish Club of German Shepherd Dog (RCEPPA).

And the training of obedience, helps to develop the cognitive skills of the german shepherd dog. Tel.: 918138287607 527 981. Mail:


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