Dog residence in Madrid, in luxury facilities

In full nature, away from contamination and extress, only 34 kms from the center of Madrid

Dog residence

In Villalazán Canine Center we have canine residence for the status of all kinds of dogs, with luxury facilities, ideal for comfort the enjoyment and health of your dog. With wooden rooms, roofs, fully air-conditioned, insulated in ceiling and floor and thermal blinds for the protection of the sun or other adverse weather conditions, in addition to automatic drinkers with clean and fresh water permanently, not stagnant. All have direct access to a large park with lawn and wood ideal for walking and outside dog life.

The Villalazán Canine Center is designed exclusively for them and has the best conditions and the greatest comfort so that they stay, enjoy and enjoy with full freedom. With modern dependencies, equipped with everything you need for your well-being.

We care about hygiene, our facilities are periodically sprayed and disinfected by a specialized external company, guaranteeing an excellent state of maintenance and the tranquility of our customers.

If you don't already know us you have to come and see us and meet us personally, you will love our dog residence in Madrid.

We take care and care about everything to ensure the well-being of our guests, including maintaining any veterinary treatment or follow-up if necessary.

We monitor and control your diet, hygiene and activity at all times. They have a large lawn park with wooded for your enjoyment in freedom and your relationship with other guests. If their character is special and requires it, dogs are accompanied, otherwise the dogs are free but under permanent control.

They will walk, run, play and exercise under the supervision of expert and specialized breeders. With us, the dogs are happy and happy and cheerful, both, "who almost forgot about their owners."

All our activities are secured with mapfre agropecuaria!

We make things easier for you and provide you with greater comfort:

Pick-up and drop-off service from Monday to Friday (see prices).
Canine hairdresser with bathroom and haircut (from 16 days stay, bath is free).
Personalized care if your dog is being treated, has a special diet or needs different care.
Parking within our facilities.

For accommodation in our dog residence in Madrid, the veterinary card (including the kennels cough vaccine) is mandatory. It will be returned to the exit.

If you want to make us a reservation, call us or send us an email. To formalize the reservation it will be necessary to pay 25% of the amount

Tel.: 918138287607 527 981 |  

Our schedule is:
Monday to Friday: from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00. Saturdays: from 10:00 to 14:00.
Sundays and Holidays there is no attention to the public "without exceptions",
although we live in the center and the dogs are taken care of every day 24 hours.

We have lived by and for the dog for more than 30 years